Bắt đầu giao dịch với chúng tôi

It’s easy to set up an account with Thương mạiQuo. Follow these 5 simple steps to get your account up Mộtnd running.


Bước 1: Đăng ký và mở tài khoản.

You can register a TradeQuo account with one of these methods:


Bước 2: Xác minh hồ sơ của bạn

You will need to fully verify your Thương mạiQuo profile by completing the following actions:

  • Gửi bằng chứng nhận dạng (POI).

We need to verify this details to ensure that you are the genuine account holder who is operating the accounts and not a third party. This is done to comply with the financial laws and regulations.


Bước 3: Thực hiện khoản tiền gửi đầu tiên của bạn

Once your account is verified, you can deposit funds into your trading account to begin trading. In the member area, go to the Deposit section and choose your preferred funding method available in your region.


Bước 4: Biết thiết bị đầu cuối giao dịch của chúng tôi

A trading terminal is a platform used to trade the instruments TradeQuo offers. We provide our clients with MetaTrader 5 (MT5) as it offers superior capabilities compared to MetaTrader 4 in specific areas such as backtesting and DOM (depth of market). Maximize your trades by selecting the right platform, whether on your PC, web trader, Android, or iPhone. In the Members Area, under the MT5 tab, you will find all the necessary links to download the platform version of your choice.


Bước 5: Bắt đầu giao dịch

Now that you have set up your trading account and selected a trading platform, you can start trading. Follow the link for a helpful guide on starting trading and much more.


That’s all! We hope you find this information helpful.