• The above conditions may vary depending on the specific instrument chosen. Please refer to your trading platform for live data.
  • All systems have a restart time without execution and prices up to 10 minutes every day at 21:00 GMT+0, but on Sundays, the restart time is at 20:00 GMT+0.
  • MT5 servers have scheduled maintenance without execution and prices for 0-1 minutes every day at 00:00 GMT+0.      
  • Swap rates for each instrument you can find after logging in to MT5 in the Specification of each instrument. Keep in mind that SWAP rates are adjusted occasionally according to Liquidity Providers.
  • In MT4 and MT5, regardless of the account’s currency, the Margin Call is 50%, Stop Out is 20%.
  • Symbols with more than five characters may not be available in MT4.
  • All stocks are not available in the MT4 trading platform.