What is a Zero Spread Account?

What is the Tradequo Broker Zero Spread Account?

The Tradequo Broker Zero Spread Account is a specialized trading account type that offers fixed zero spreads on a selection of high-impact trading instruments. This account is designed to provide traders with the advantage of trading major currency pairs and top assets without worrying about spreads. 

Which instruments are eligible for zero spreads?

The following instruments are eligible for zero spreads on the Zero Spread Account: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, NZDUSD, XAGUSD, XAUUSD, USOUSD, BRNUSD, UKOUSD, DJIUSD (DJI30), SPXUSD (SP500), NDXUSD (NASUSD), DAXEUR (D40EUR).

How often do the zero spread conditions apply?

Approximately 90% to 97% of the trading days, the zero spread conditions are in effect for the specified instruments. This accounts for news events and high market impact periods. 

How does the Zero Spread Account handle news events and market volatility?

The Zero Spread Account is designed to provide stability and transparency in trading, even during news events and periods of high market volatility. While the zero spread conditions generally apply to the specified instruments, it’s important to note that there might be instances where spreads may not remain at zero during particularly turbulent market conditions or significant news events. However, the Zero Spread Account aims to minimize spreads during these times, ensuring that traders can continue to trade with increased certainty and efficiency. 

What are the benefits of trading with zero spreads?

Trading with zero spreads provides several benefits, including: 

  • Enhanced precision in executing trades. 
  • Greater transparency in trading costs. 
  • Cost-effective trading with minimized spreads. 
  • Improved potential for profit maximization. 

Can I use the Zero Spread Account for my specific trading strategy?

Absolutely. The Zero Spread Account is tailored to accommodate various trading strategies. With the assurance of zero spreads on specific instruments, you can optimize your strategy with confidence. Only not expert advisors availables  

Are there any limitations to the Zero Spread Account?

While the Zero Spread Account offers competitive advantages, it’s important to note that zero spreads apply only to the specified instruments and during the designated trading days with zero spread conditions. 

How do I open a Zero Spread Account with Tradequo Broker?

Opening a Zero Spread Account with Tradequo Broker is easy. Simply follow our user-friendly account opening process, select the Zero Spread Account type, and start enjoying the benefits of trading with zero spreads. 

Can I switch between different account types?

Yes, Tradequo Broker offers flexibility. You can switch between different account types according to your trading preferences. 

How can I stay informed about the zero spread conditions and trading days?

Tradequo Broker provides regular updates on trading conditions, including the days when zero spread conditions are in effect. You can stay informed through our trading platform, newsletters, and official communications. 

Experience the future of trading with the Tradequo Broker Zero Spread Account. Take advantage of fixed zero spreads on select instruments and trade with confidence, precision, and transparency. For more information, feel free to contact our customer support team or visit our website. 

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