What are the Leverage Types?

Leverage Options for Trading: Dynamic, Fixed, and LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage 

In the dynamic world of trading, understanding the intricacies of leverage is paramount. We offer three distinct leverage options—Dynamic Leverage, Fixed Leverage, and LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage—each tailored to different trading accounts and instruments, designed to empower your trading strategies while ensuring responsible practices. 

Dynamic Leverage (For Forex and Gold): Dynamic Leverage dynamically adjusts leverage based on your trading volume, optimizing risk management. This type of leverage is accessible across standard, raw, zero, and swap-free trading accounts, primarily for Forex and Gold trading. The dynamic leverage structure responds as follows: 

Lots Traded  Leverage Ratio 
0 – 5 lots  1:1000 (1:2000 Only Zero Accounts)
5.01 – 10 lots  1:500 (1:1000 Only Zero Accounts)
10.01 – 20 lots  1:300 (1:500 Only Zero Accounts)
+20 lots  1:200 (1:300 Only Zero Accounts)

For different asset classes, Fixed Leverage is as follows: 

  • Crypto: 1:50 
  • Shares: 1:5 
  • Energies: 1:200 
  • Metals: 1:200 (excluding Gold) 
  • Indices: 1:100 

LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage (For Forex, Gold, Silver, and Select Indices/Commodities): LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage, available exclusively in the LIMITLESS ∞ account type, offers extensive leverage starting from a minimum of 1:10,000,000. While it’s not truly infinite, it’s designed to simulate an “absolute zero” margin requirement for specific volumes. This form of leverage applies to Forex, Gold, Silver, and selected indices and commodities, including USOUSD, BRNUSD, UKOUSD, DJIUSD (DJI30), SPXUSD (SP500), NDXUSD (NASUSD) and DAXEUR (D40EUR). The LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage structure operates as follows: 

Lots Traded  Leverage Ratio 
0 – 0.5 lots  1: ∞ (LIMITLESS ∞) 
0.51 – 1 lots  1:2000 
1.01 – 2 lots  1:1000 
2.01 – 40 lots  1:500 
+40 lots  1:400 

Special Conditions: Before markets close for the weekend and during news events, new positions within the LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage and Zero Spread account are subject to a temporary leverage change. During these times, the leverage for new positions will be set at 1:250. After these events or upon market reopening, LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage and Zero Spread is fully restored to its regular conditions.

If equity is lower than 10 USD or 350 THB the leverage for new positions will be set at 1:250.

Crucial Considerations: 

  • MT5 Assumption: LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage commences at 1:10,000,000 leverage in MT5, essentially operating as an “absolute zero” margin for specific positions. 
  • Simultaneous Positions: Leverage calculations consider aggregate volume across all currency pairs with concurrent positions. These conditions, however, don’t apply to Fixed Leverage. 

Compliance department will perform suitability test, in cases where it is deemed in the best interest of the client, Company reserves the right to adjust the leverage status associated with our Limitless margin conditions. This may involve transitioning the leverage status from Limitless to the standard 1:100 leverage ratio.

This decision is made to protect clients from potential risks associated with higher leverage, promoting responsible trading practices, and ensuring a safer trading environment. We believe this measure is essential to safeguard clients from the dangers of excessive risk-taking.

We encourage all users to review and adhere to our policies to ensure a smooth and secure trading experience.

Choose your leverage wisely, tailoring it to your trading approach, risk tolerance, and desired outcomes. While leverage can magnify gains, it’s imperative to recognize its potential for heightened losses. Make responsible choices aligned with your trading strategy and risk management principles, keeping in mind the special conditions that apply to LIMITLESS ∞ Leverage during certain market events.