Apakah jenis akaun dagangan yang anda tawarkan?

TradeQuo provides a diverse selection of account options, each tailored to accommodate various trading preferences. Each account variant comes with its unique terms and conditions related to commission rates, margin requirements, leverage ratios, and more.

Standard accounts, the most user-friendly option, are ideal for traders with all experience levels. Trade small lots across diverse asset classes with speedy, commission-free execution to leverage market fluctuations effectively.

Raw accounts are for experienced traders seeking ultra-low and stable spreads can opt for fixed per-lot commissions, enabling precise cost prediction in advance.

Zero Account features consistent zero spreads on key trading instruments, making it ideal for traders focused on major currency pairs and top assets, free from spread concerns.

Swap-Free Account, or Islamic Account, tailored for traders adhering to Islamic principles against interest. It enables interest-free overnight trading, aligning with Shariah law.

Unlimited Account offers traders the advantage of unlimited leverage, enabling them to operate with minimal margin, open numerous positions, trade larger lots, and employ diverse trading strategies.


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